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mixsoon Centella Cleansing Foam 150ml

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  • A mildly acidic foam cleanser for sensitive skin that adjusts the pH balance to maintain healthy skin.
  • Helps prevent beneficial microorganisms from being washed away without damaging the skin barrier.
  • Zero irritation cleanser, highly suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Calming and moisturizing cleansing foam that helps soothe acne-prone skin.
  • Key ingredients: Centella Asiatica Extracts, Salicylic Acid
Core Ingredient

Centella Asiatica Extract


Hydrating & Moisturizing
Calming & Soothing


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When washing your face, dispense a moderate amount of foam and lather with water, massaging lightly over your face for 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.